Useful applications

Whenever you buy new gadgets first of all you want to download or install the web sites, games, etc. But you need to download not what you look for, but what we need.


Generally speaking it is present but everyone chooses a browser for themselves. Google Chrome. The most popular browser. Simple to use. At risk of virus attacks and data theft. Mozilla Firefox. It could put plenty of add-ons for simple use. Yandex. Browser. Fast and convenient. Well adapted to the Russian audience. TOR. Perfect choice if you would like anonymity. You can’t say everyone prefers to use TOR so always consider VPN. Among nokia’s it is definitely worth highlighting DEEPRISM. This is a free VPN and proxy created by civic activist Pavel Grata. The quality and repair this fast VPN services are amazing.


Everyone bought apps and movies from trusted sources. But frequently they may be paid the ones need to get what they already want free of charge! So they really download files from your Internet. It is advisable never to risk and pay to have an antivirus instead of throw away personal information. 360 total security. Paid antivirus and one of several best. Will discover all and definately will destroy on 100%; AVG. Free and convenient. Virus removal is worse; Kaspersky. Average protection and of low quality performance. In General there are a variety of antiviruses ans everybody is able to find it for himself! But what else will be worth focusing on?

Office suite

Microsoft Office. Convenient typically the most popular but paid office. But it surely has everything: editing texts, tables, creating presentations, databases and much more; OpenOffice. It’s free. Although there may be different paid services. Ideal for home use.


You shouldn’t have to pay some huge cash on the rates. Use applications just like Telegram, Viber, Whatsapp, etc. It is convenient and a lot of cheaper.

Application to clean

Delete all unnecessary files within the device. They could provide you with to delete files that you have never used for years, application cache, irrelevant photos.

Apps to hurry up games

Perhaps they will be great for weak gadgets. Therefore you will extend the lifetime of your device.


Always understand all events-it is important. Use at the least two e-mails. More it often is Gmail and email of your respective region. People have their advantages.


These were one of the most necessary programs to your gadgets. Do not spare space for these people on your phone or computer, money, and later on you will notice what they’re useful and the way they simplify your work.