Dagestan Stone 2020

Dagestan stone

Following the disputed February 2008 presidential elections, the Armenian government blocked Internet customers’ entry to YouTube for a month. The Armenian opposition had used the web site to publicize video of alleged police brutality in opposition to anti-government protesters.

But the individuals’s legends join the mountain with the myth concerning the hercules Barhhu, who was in love with Pery. Pery requested him to make a sea near the place of her dwelling and he determined to take action. He dug the muse pit and the earth gathers right into a hill and put some salt on it.

Three bombings occurred in Volgograd, a city 500 miles south of Moscow, from October through December 2013, claiming forty lives. On two events in 2013 safety forces prevented Human Rights Watch from entering the city of Gimry where a protracted counterinsurgency operation was ongoing. Likewise, in September 2014 legislation enforcement officers barred a Human Rights Watch researcher from entering the village of Vremenny, near Gimry, during a safety operation. The Human Rights Watch researcher managed to enter the world only in January 2015, more than a month after the protracted operation ended.

The name of the Kolka glacier in Karmadon canyon in Northern Ossetia has gained notoriety throughout Russia since the horrible tragedy of September 20, 2002. On this present day, the glacier, transferring at a speed larger than a hundred km per hour, utterly worn out the village of Upper Karmadon and the crew of the movie “The Messenger,” headed by 30-yr director Sergei Bodrov. The alleged stays of the crew, regardless of an intensive search, have been discovered only a few years later. It is understood that a large group of people and animals perished on account of motion of the glacier rock in 1902. The insidiousness of Kolka is that the activation of the glacier’s movement begins so slowly, almost imperceptibly, as if on the prowl, that you may be very stunned.

In the early sixteenth century, the Persians reconsolidated their rule over the region, which would, intermittently, final until the early 19th century. In the 16th and 17th centuries, legal traditions were https://dagkameen.ru/dagestanskij-kamen-izvestnjak/ codified and mountainous communities obtained a considerable diploma of autonomy. In 664, the Persians had been succeeded in Derbent by the Arabs, who in the 8th century repeatedly clashed with the Khazars.

  • Khunzakh is the heart of mountainous Dagestan and an informal capital of Avars.
  • You can get to Khunzakh with a marshrutka from the north bus station in Makhachkala.
  • In fact, the Avar literary language relies on the Khunzakh dialect, and lots of Avar intellectuals and poets originated from Khunzakh.

It was additionally Dabīrqādī who devel­oped the ʿajam system of writing, primarily based on Arabic letters however adapted to the phonetics of Dāḡestānī languages; it consists of thirty-eight letter symbols. In the late 18th and nineteenth centuries numerous authors in Darband were writing in each Turkish and Persian. They left a big physique of valuable works, principally dealing with the historical past of Darband. Primary among them is the chronicle Tārīḵ al-Bāb, dedicated to the history of the city in the 9th­-eleventh centuries. Hājī Mīrzā Āqāsī (b. 1190/1776), in his Darband-nāma-ye jadīd , reported that he had drawn on books written in Persian, Turkish, and Arabic and had chosen what he believed to be reliable (Akhundov, p. 246; Sovremenniki, p. sixty one).

“Roll your home windows down,” Kazi commanded, as we started our decline in the pitch black, slightly earlier than 7 p.m. An overworked fellow in his early fifties, well dressed despite his rural profile.

The Republic Of Dagestan

The manuscript assortment of Dāḡestān state college contains an unique letter from Bugdan of Kumukh, written within the early 19th century to a con­noisseur of the Persian language and requesting a replica of ʿOmar Ḵayyām’s poems. Of specific interest to literary students is Antologiya persidskoĭ literatury (XVI-XVII vv.) (Anthology of Persian literature [sixteenth­-seventeenth centuries]) with an interlinear Avar translation (within the assortment of M. Nurmagomedov, Makhachkala). The properly-known Arabic medical treatise Toḥfat al-­moʾmalesīn by Moḥammad Deylamī became obtainable to Kumykh readers through a translation from the Persian made by the Avar Nurmagomed of Khunzak; the work was additionally translated into Lak (H.L.L. Institute, ms. F. 14 no. 189). To prepare the dictionary, Dabīrqādī traveled to Persia and other international locations to master the lexical wealth of the three languages.

Who was the founder of Bolshevik Communist Party?

The Soviet Communist party evolved from the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party’s Bolshevik wing formed by Vladimir Lenin in 1903. Lenin believed that a well-disciplined, hierarchically organized party was necessary to lead the working class in overthrowing capitalism in Russia and the world.

Invisible War

Thus, the heroic epic stands out clearly within the musical and poetical creativity of the Dagestani nationwide groups. In song folklore there are widespread ritual, jesting, everyday, work, and lyrical love genres. The predominant type of vocal efficiency is solo singing with instrumental accompaniment, and the commonest form of ensemble is the trio, with the participation of some sort of percussion instrument. The folks melodies are constructed on the premise of pure modes, with out accented, dominant tonal endings.